The Chaos of Longing : K.Y. Robinson 

These poems are the sort of poems that will linger with me for a while. They are vulnerable. They ache. They love too much and receive too little in return. Still, there is power in them, power in naming the pain, power in sharing it and in giving voice to life’s cuts and gaping wounds. 
In this book of poems, Ms. Robinson does not shy away from the messy and chaotic parts of life. She digs through the wreckage of failed relationships and trauma, offering glimpses of herself seen as if through shards of sea glass, often fractured and broken. 
However, the book doesn’t end there. She continues on and pushes through the pain to write a sort of guidebook for survival, reaching out her hand and encouraging others to rise up with her like Phoenixes from the ashes. 
I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions written here are my own. 

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